Highland Vista Community Pool


2023 Pool Membership Renewal - Sign Up Now!

HVNA Board welcomes you to the 2023 Pool Membership year. The pool will be heated beginning April 1.

For current members, renewal invoices for the 2023 Membership year have been delivered to your mailbox. Payment is due May 1, 2023. Current membership keycards will be turned off on May 1st. Memberships are accepted after May 1, however, please note there is a $25 late fee.

For those interested in joining for the first time, we welcome you to our neighborhood pool. Pool Memberships are effective April 1, 2023 - March 30, 2024. 

Pool Newsletter


Hello! Welcome to the inaugural edition of the HVNA Pool Member newsletter, exclusively for Highland Vista Neighborhood Pool Members (2021-2022 membership year).  We hope this will be a good way to stay in contact throughout the summer swim season and into the fall/winter, to a lessor extent. In the event we emailed you in error (e.g. you are NOT a pool member), please let us know by responding to this email. Thanks!  r new or returning Pool Members. Pool Memberships are effective April 1, 2021 - March 31, 2022.

Pool Facility Maintenance

The North Ramada is now open for your enjoyment, as you might have already noticed. The roof replacement is complete and we are finishing up painting, roof coating and cleaning.  Huge thanks to Jim Harper for his assistance on this project!

Ongoing upgrade and maintenance items:

• Irrigation is still on the fritz, we're aware of the brown grass and are working on a fix. If we have any members who may be able to assist with the irrigation system, please contact Pete Marenfeld at peter.marenfeld@noirlab.edu

• BBQ Restoration - The Board has voted to purchase 3 new charcoal grills to replace the existing charcoal grills (the 4th grill may possibly be propane, where members would bring their own propane - BYOP). We are also in the process of design and quotation for a Ramada to be installed over the southeast BBQ area.

COVID Updates

Most of the restrictions in the COVID Safety Plan are now lifted and the Safety Plan is simplified. Please see summary below:
• Capacity Limit - The capacity limit of 50 has been lifted. Both Ramadas are open. Members are encouraged to disinfect the tables and benches before use. Please bring your own disinfectant for this purpose.

• Guests are now allowed - Bring your friends! Sign-in is required. The guestbook is now stocked with sign-in sheets.  Each guest is $2 per day. Billing occurs at the end of the season.

• Parties are now allowed - parties are defined as 10+ guests and are limited to 40 guests. Contact Abby Greene if you are interested in hosting a party at the pool. Only one party will be scheduled at one time in the 2021-2022 season. We won't schedule 2 parties at the same time for social distancing considerations, and to allow our members to enjoy the pool safely at the same time as a party. Hosting a party at the pool is a great way to provide financial support of the pool while having a great time with friends and family!

• Schedule - Open swim times are restricted by the Swim Team practice schedule, which is:
◦ 6:55am-11:30am, Monday - Friday, June 1 - July 9
◦ The pool is also not available during Swim Meets, which are scheduled the evening of June 22, and 29. 

General Rule Updates - Important!

The Board has voted to make two updates to the General Rules.

1 No Smoking in the facility - Amendment to the Pool Member Rules #11 due to continuing problem with cigarette butts littered throughout the pool area and smoking in designated non-smoking area under the Ramadas. Therefore, there is now no smoking of any kind nor the use of any tobacco products will be allowed in or around the pool.  We encourage smokers to exit the pool area and use the neighboring park for these activities. Those found smoking will be at risk of loosing their pool membership. Thank you for your cooperation.

2 One of the COVID Safety Plan rules will be added to Pool General Rules permanently as #18 - No Large Pool Toys. With over 120 members this season, restricting large inflatables allows room in the pool for everyone to enjoy. What is 'large'? Think anything that would fit 2+ adults to be considered 'large'. Thank you!

'Stay Beautiful' Fundraiser 


With over $16,000 raised, the Stay Beautiful Fundraising campaign for pool upgrades was an overwhelming success! We raised enough to cover operational losses from 2020 and to rebuild the North Ramada roof (with monies left over for other improvements).  We are extremely humbled and appreciative of all who donated money, time, or other resources toward the effort - THANK YOU!